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The drop-down of school choices contains all schools in Adams 12 applicable to your grade level.  Not all schools listed in the drop-down list are necessarily open to Choice. Please check the Choice website for information about available schools.

There is no need to apply to your student’s boundary school or current Choice school. If your student is not selected in the lottery for any of the requested schools, your student will default to their previously approved Choice school or boundary school if there is no previous Choice approval.
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  1. Priority deadline (round 1) is the last business day on or before January 31st with notification letters mailed by the third week of February. 2nd round deadline is the last business day on or before March 31st with notification letters mailed by the third week of April. A 3rd round of Choice is held in August through mid-September or when available space has been filled. 3rd round notification to families is via phone call within 72 hours of submitting a Choice application.
  2. An application must be filled out for each student applying for Choice.
  3. Approval to attend a school in an area other than that of the student’s boundary school will change the student’s assigned school to the school for which Choice is approved. This approval is legally binding and there is no opportunity for the parent/guardian to accept or deny the Choice approval. The only exception to this rule is if the student enrolls in a charter or private school. The parent can notify the Choice Office that they will be attending a charter/private. The student may not return to the boundary school without once again applying to the Choice program during the regular application time frame for the next school year or applying for a family-initiated transfer.
  4. Approval of an application for Choice constitutes the student’s assignment to the chosen school for all grades served by that school, contingent upon no significant changes in the enrollment of students who live in that school’s assigned attendance area and/or available building space.
  5. All approvals are subject to the availability of space in the requested school, staffing constraints, and program capacity.
  6. Continuous enrollment must occur for Choice status to remain valid.
  7. Kindergarten students accepted through Choice at traditional, neighborhood schools are approved for the half-day program only. Placement into the AM or PM program is at the school’s discretion. Kindergarten students accepted through Choice at magnet schools are approved for the extended day program only.
  8. Students who attend schools outside their boundary school pursuant to an approved request for Choice shall be responsible for providing their own transportation. Approval does not guarantee an on-campus parking permit for high school students transporting themselves to and from school.
  9. A student who wishes to attend a school outside his/her boundary school after leaving elementary or middle school must reapply for Choice when transitioning from the elementary to the middle level and from the middle to the high school level. Approval for Choice at one level does not guarantee approval for the next level, or to a school in a specific feeder pattern.
  10. Students’ athletic eligibility status, as related to residence and Choice, shall be consistent with the regulations established by the Colorado High School Activities Association.
  11. If subsequent to the submission or approval of your Choice application, expulsion, the recommendation for expulsion, or engagement in conduct which would support expulsion occurs, the approval for Choice becomes null and void.
  12. The District may rescind approval of a student’s choice application at any time, including school years subsequent to the initial application, if it determines that the application included material misstatements or omissions.

As the parent/guardian of the above-named student, I understand and accept the conditions above: